DigitalExperts Club

Welcome to
Digital Experts Club

We are a group of over 200 highly experienced Digital Executives.
We created a unique place, where we can exchange knowledge
and discuss current market state.

3 main rules of the Club

Only Managers-level can join the Club. This
creates an unique opportunity to exchange
management knowledge. Small, 10-15
people meetings support in delivering this
We do not allow providers to join the Club.
We do not sell anything to each other
Meet people
& share knowledge
Through regular, non-official meetings we
meet each other more deeply and share
stories between the projects.

About the Club

Marek Dorsz

After the first Digital Experts Club meeting, I decided to stop participating in all industry conferences and events. There is no place in digital area such as Digital Experts Club – full of practical knowledge, freely shared by experienced senior Managers.


Beata Łubiarz

Most valuable benefit of being a member is receiving a lot of knowledge and helpful advice. You also get to meet amazing experts with huge experience in the industry. Club is the place where we support and inspire each other, I’m really happy to be a part of it.

Dr Irena Eris

Jaroslaw Stepien

Crème de la crème network of people associated with Digital gathered in one place. I am honored to be part of this and I have to admit it’s a pleasure for me to share my knowledge and experience, at the same time receiving a lot of inspiration from others. Such meetings are worth putting other commitments and important things off for a moment to come back to daily business with new ideas, practical knowledge and new friendships.


Karol Zych

Great, ambitious people with broad horizons, eager not only to share their unique experiences but always ready to help face challenges. In my opinion the biggest value of Digital Experts Club is discovering different approaches to everything related to Digital, high quality network, and a friendly atmosphere. Being a part of this expert’s network helps to gain knowledge and opens new opportunities.


Rafał Pawlak

It’s a real pleasure to take inspiration from such a great community of Experts. Digital transformation of organizations nowadays requires a fully-engaged approach, high levels of performance, and continuous mindset upgrades. Those are just some of the values which I have appreciated whilst being a member of Digital Experts Club.

Inter Cars

Michał Wojas

What I like in the meetings at Digital Experts Club is the meeting formula. Small groups and experts learning from experts. Finally, there is a place where the people from the Digital industry can learn and develop their knowledge. Another asset that I appreciate is that, compared to other conferences, the Club meetings are dedicated to Managers and there are no solution providers willing to sell something.


Adrian Mazurek

For a long time, I was looking for a place to exchange e-commerce experiences. Digital Experts Club is a perfect place for networking with experienced and interesting people. The lack of solution providers is an additional plus that makes this community special.


Magda Staszczyk

Digital Experts Club is a place for meeting leaders who exchange their experiences and their secrets of effective marketing and sales. Above all it is a community of practitioners, entrepreneurs from the Digital area and concrete examples including analysis of pros and cons, to also learn from others’ mistakes. It is also a huge repository of knowledge, independently of the experience in the different aspects of Digital.


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